Marisol Trejo

About Marisol (She/her)

Marisol is a highly skilled and compassionate Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Marisol’s clinical work has focused on children and youth that struggle with mood, anxiety, and trauma disorders. She has experience in both crisis and chronic care treatment. As a bilingual therapist of color Marisol enjoys providing culturally inclusive care for BIPOC. Her background of serving a diverse range of people and needs makes her a great fit for many Seattle area families.


Marisol is a two-time UW graduate, having earned her Master’s in Applied Child and Adolescent Psychology. Her graduate work focused on evidenced- based treatments and serves as a foundation for her selection of the most effective care available for her clients’ needs. She earned her Play Therapy Certificate from Antioch University where she strengthened her skills in theory and application for service in children’s mental health. Her clinical work has confirmed that play is a natural language for children to express their feelings and experiences. She is currently completing her supervision experience for becoming a Registered Play Therapist™.


About Marisol’s Treatment Approach

Marisol recognizes the necessity to tailor her treatment approach in order to meet the unique needs and goals of each client, while fostering collaboration, and empowering children and families to make positive changes in their lives. Her approach is rooted in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Client-Centered Play Therapy. Marisol adopts a strength-based approach to nurture healthy self-esteem. This approach not only empowers children but also parents to help view their challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. She works with parents to provide valuable insights of their child’s emotional needs and equips them with practical strategies to support their child’s development outside of therapy. It is through an accepting and empathetic connection that Marisol builds trust and safety with children to gain insights of their inner world. This allows her to effectively address unresolved issues, trauma, or emotional challenges. She also draws from trainings in Filial Play Therapy and mindfulness-based approaches. Overall, Marisol’s style is warm, calming and non-judgmental.

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