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Evergreen Play Therapy Concierge Benefits

Why Evergreen Play Therapy Uses a Concierge Model

In the realm of behavioral healthcare, the concierge approach, exemplified by services like Evergreen Play Therapy, prioritizes individualized attention, access to specialized tools, and customized treatment plans for clients. By fostering close relationships with families, offering prompt psychotherapy when needed, and coordinating with other professionals for holistic care, this model aims to provide comprehensive and exclusive support. Operating on a subscription basis with a set number of therapist hours reserved per month, this approach ensures deep involvement and heightened quality of care for a select clientele.

For mental health practitioners, embracing the concierge model represents a shift towards not necessarily lighter, but more fulfilling work. Concentrating on a limited number of clients allows for customizing services to meet their specific needs with a more comprehensive design approach. This approach allows Evergreen Play Therapy to prioritize quality over quantity, build stronger connections with clients, and ultimately find greater satisfaction in their work through a more personalized and exclusive service delivery.

Concierge vs Traditional Mental Health

Monthly Concierge Packages for Continuing Clients

Retainer Based Packages

Evergreen Play Therapy concierge method includes a monthly retainer for all family wellness services, promoting strong family involvement and improved client support. Families can select the number of hours to meet their wellness objectives. Kimberly will offer suggestions tailored to specific factors, like parental understanding, stress levels, social backing, the child’s expected pace of development, the family’s challenges, and their interest in collaboration and education.

Client decisions to accept retainer contracts are always voluntary, and clients are free to opt-out of entering into such an agreement at any time.

The flexibility of choosing hours at the beginning of the retainer period offers families the advantage of planning ahead for their needs over the course of the month. By opting for this arrangement, they can enjoy a waived portion of the standard fee of $275 per 45 minutes. Families can add additional minutes at the percentage waiver package rate currently subscribed to during their 30-day retainer. This not only provides financial savings but also ensures that the family has dedicated clinical support available when required, making the treatment process smoother and more predictable.

  • Package 1: Minimum of 320 minutes for a 5% savings. Retainer $400
  • Package 2: Minimum of 440 minutes for a 10% savings. Retainer $550
  • Package 3: Minimum of 640 minutes for a 15% savings. Retainer $700

The retainer fee per 30-day period is normally not charged separately. However, if a cancellation happens within the 30-day period, the retainer fee will be charged and deducted from the refund. This fee is designed to compensate for the reserved time and resources that were allocated for the service. By including the retainer fee in the package price, it helps ensure that the service provider is fairly compensated for their commitment and availability, while also discouraging last-minute cancellations that can disrupt their schedule and business operations. It is important for clients to be aware of this policy and understand the conditions under which the retainer fee may apply.

If the family decides to cancel their package within the 30-day period they signed up for, they will receive a refund calculated at the prorated usual rate of $6.11 per minute for any unused minutes. For instance, if a family bought a package that waived the usual rate by 10% to $5.50 per minute, and used 240 out of the 480 pre-purchased minutes, they would be reimbursed $1320 for the 240 minutes unused. However, this amount would be reduced by the chargeback for the waived 10%, resulting in a deduction of $146 for the 240 minutes used, making the subtotal refund $1174. The non-refundable retainer fee based on package level 2 of $458 would further reduce the refund amount.

When the 30-day period has passed any unused minutes are forfeit.

Families are permitted to put their subscription package on hold one time up to 2 weeks in a 6 month period when giving a 2 week advance notice.

How Does Concierge Work With Insurance?

Yes, you can still use insurance. Here’s how it does and does not work with a concierge model. If you have a reimbursable service during your 30-day retainer period it will be be appropriately invoiced on the client portal and available for you to download via the billing tab in your client portal account. This would require a diagnosis that your insurance company accepts as “medically necessary.” Sometimes we work with families that can greatly benefit from mental health and family wellness services that either do not have a “medically necessary” or reimbursable diagnosis or are not interested in receiving one. Please be aware that some insurance plans have limits on the types of services billed or amount of services provided. Since concierge model is intended to provide the family a holistic approach to mental and family wellness insurance conditions are not factored into treatment development.

Ready for holistic family wellness and concierge play therapy solutions?

We accept a small number of active concierge clients in order to provide our first-class service. Are you ready to commit time and resources for your family wellness journey? If so we’d like to speak with you and hear about your needs over a complimentary call. 

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