Parent Support and Education

Parent Support and Education

We include parents in treatment in order to enhance their child and family’s success. Parents are critical to helping their children and we want parents to have the understanding and skills to continue adapting with life’s challenges. Some things that may be covered in parent-therapist collaborative sessions : gaining resources to learn about your child, how to be of help to your child, any diagnosis, strategies to implement, tactics that may be harmful, increasing the strength of the parent-child relationship, and emotional support to parents (it’s a tough job).

We are here to provide you support in all aspects of parenthood. Grab a cup and join me in a virtual session.

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We accept a small number of active concierge clients in order to provide our first-class service. Are you ready to commit time and resources for your family wellness journey? If so we’d like to speak with you and hear about your needs over a complimentary call. 

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