The concierge approach brings significant benefits when applied to behavioral healthcare. Evergreen Play Therapy, which follows a concierge care model, allows us to dedicate more time to clients, tailor treatment schedules to their needs, access specialized resources and wellness services, and address various aspects of client health and well-being. This approach also enables Kimberly to work closely with client families, increase individual psychotherapy for urgent needs, and collaborate with other service providers to offer comprehensive and personalized care for a more effective treatment experience.

Concierge therapy is an exclusive service limited to a select number of individuals, ensuring deep engagement and enhanced client care. This tailored approach grants discerning individuals access to high-quality care with additional benefits not typically offered in traditional therapy. Clients can secure these services by committing to a monthly retainer that reserves a specific number of hours in their therapist’s schedule.

In contrast to conventional services, our concierge services provide shorter waiting times, longer appointment durations, more frequent visits, a broader range of treatment options, and prioritize family well-being. They also ensure more direct and frequent communication with clients. Additionally, these services provide increased flexibility, allowing clients to schedule appointments according to their convenience and access support beyond regular office hours. This personalized approach can result in improved outcomes and higher satisfaction levels for individuals seeking mental health assistance.

To express interest in the exclusive service, families can notify Kimberly through the website form. She will arrange a complimentary chat to discuss interests and determine if the family will be eligible to be served.

Upon acceptance, you’ll receive a link for paperwork. New clients undergo a 3-stage assessment process: parent intake meeting, child playroom assessment, and assessment results discussion. Treatment suggestions and package options are provided based on individual needs during results discussion. Parents will receive personalized clinical suggestions and choices aligned with family needs after evaluation. Concierge package options will be presented, detailing advantages and operational specifics. Monthly retainers can be arranged for continuous services based on selected hours and clinical care needed.

An effective Play Therapist must be trained to work with children by graduate programs, workshops, and specific trainings. You can know that a therapist has extensive education and training through a credible certification. The only such one in the United States is accredited by the Association for Play Therapy, where credentialed play therapists are licensed or certified practitioners who have earned a Master’s or higher mental health degree, 150 or more hours of specialized play therapy training, substantial clinical and play therapy experience and supervision, and are required to earn at least 36 hours of continuing education during subsequent three-year renewal cycles. To find a credentialed therapist in your area, go to www.a4pt.org and search under the state you live in. Look for the letters ‘RPT’ (Registered Play Therapist™) or ‘RPT-S’ (Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor™) behind the therapist’s name to be assured that you are getting a therapist that has been trained specifically for children, since a lot of therapists say they do “play therapy.” Ask for a free phone consultation to ask about the therapeutic approach of the therapist. Learn how he or she works with clients. You will want to ask what to expect from therapy. Lastly you are looking for a personal fit between you/your family and your therapist. A fit is someone you have a sense you could trust and be comfortable working with together.

What you tell your child about seeing a therapist for the first time will differ depending on the age and maturity of your child. Be honest about the fact that your family is going to see a therapist. Do not mislead your child in thinking they are going somewhere else. Talk to your child in a positive and upbeat manner about the idea of going to therapy. Let your child know that they are not in trouble and they are not going to see a therapist because there is something “wrong” with them that needs to be “fixed.” Help your child know that we all need a little extra help sometimes to deal with things that are challenging. If your child has previously expressed a challenge with something then, you may explain that they are going to see the therapist for help with that challenge.

We are out of network providers and most PPO’s with mental health benefits will cover a portion of our fee. Our client portal allows you to download your superbill to submit to your insurance for a partial reimbursement. In some circumstances members of an HMO can seek to have their case looked at by their insurance company to see if an exception will be made. All clients no matter their insurance are required to pay upfront for services.

Evergreen Play Therapy provides therapy to children and teens 2-18 years old and their families. In general, the older a child gets, the more talking will be incorporated into the sessions, along with age-appropriate therapeutic activities. Play therapy activities used along with “talk therapy” has been shown to be effective for teens. Tweens and teens may be invited to experience expressive arts and therapeutic activities designed specifically for their age and needs and will not be required to participate in them if uninterested.

It is important to not pressure your child to talk about their sessions. Let your child decide what they want to tell you about their sessions. The therapist will share with parents anything that arises in session relating to the child’s safety or any other vital information. It is important to remember your child is granted privacy during their sessions in order to allow for self-expression. Allowing your child to keep their sessions private will help them benefit from the therapeutic process. Remember progress will take time and children will be allowed to work at their pace in order to build and maintain a trusting therapeutic relationship.

Ready for holistic family wellness and concierge play therapy solutions?

We accept a small number of active concierge clients in order to provide our first-class service. Are you ready to commit time and resources for your family wellness journey? If so we’d like to speak with you and hear about your needs over a complimentary call. 

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