Family Sessions

Family Sessions

Family Sessions range from 30 – 60 minutes. We select the type of family therapy treatment from a range of models. Examples of models we draw from our expertise include (not a full list):

Filial or Parent-Child Therapy – The therapist draws from the principles of Child-Centered Play Therapy to train the parent to hold non-directive play therapy sessions. The therapist models the techniques in early sessions then; the lead is migrated to the parent as they become more confident. The therapist prepares the family to utilize the learned skills at home in order to continue the success from in-office sessions. This is for children up to 12 years and typically last 3 to 6 months depending on the family and circumstance.

Theraplay– The therapist carefully chooses activities each session to involve parent(s) and child in a specific format to accomplish treatment goals. The activities are intentionally hands-on and structured. “Theraplay activities aim at creating a feeling of closeness between the child and parent, which is attained through activities in which the child experiences the adult as creating the structure (the rules, etc.) and also nurturing the child. The goal of therapy is that the child be more at ease with adults and other children, have less of a need to stay in charge, and be more spontaneously able to experience and express her feelings.” (Theraplay Institute). Theraplay can be use for children up to 12 and is adapted to their developmental and comfort level.

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