Microbreaks for

Conscious parenting

Conscious parenting

Conscious parenting

Conscious parenting

Conscious parenting

TBA 2025

Home kits, Commercials, and a Reception!

Join us for an immersive workshop to help you prioritize self-care and nurture your well-being as a parent. Learn practical tools to prioritize self-care, manage stress, and cultivate resilience through a neuroscience lens.

Connect with Like-minded Parents and Experts

In Person and Virtual Events

Designed for parents of children 12
and under seeking holistic support.

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Event in Numbers

Kimberly Bartlett,
your trusted expert in Integrative Play Therapy and conscious parenting.

With 20+ years in supporting children and families, Kimberly is committed to creating experiences that foster healing, growth, and well-being.

Invest in Your

Foster a sense of balance and resilience in your parenting journey through engaging discussions, interactive exercises, and real-life applications.

Rejuvenate your mind and body

Alleviate stress

Prevent burnout

Improve your mental and physical well-being

Featuring Expert Speakers

Kimberly Bartlett

Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor and founder of Evergreen Play Therapy.

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Adam Turney

Plus-size queer yoga instructor promoting inclusivity and mental rejuvenation through movement.

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Microbreaks for

Conscious parenting

August 17, 2024

VIRTUAL ATTENDEES: can use their home kits to engage with donors/vendor and enjoy a virtual presentation from the sponsors.

IN-PERSON ATTENDEES: Have the opportunity to explore what vendors have to offer, savor healthful beverages and snacks, and delight in raffles and photo booths!



Partnership Opportunities Available

Reach out to events@evergreenplaytherapy.com


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Ready for holistic family wellness and concierge play therapy solutions?

We accept a small number of active concierge clients in order to provide our first-class service. Are you ready to commit time and resources for your family wellness journey? If so we’d like to speak with you and hear about your needs over a complimentary call. 

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