There are so many ways that children, teens and families can utilize sandtray and sandplay therapy at Evergreen Play Therapy due to the Integrative Play Therapy approach. When you come into the playroom you’ll see the Sandplay area with shelves full of figurines and objects from fantasy, nature, knights, animals, religious symbols and many more. Our aim is to provide a range of objects that can represent archetypes and other symbols that are critical to people’s experiences. These objects are the basis for self-expression in the sand. The tray is made out of quality wood and painted blue inside. The tray provides a vessel to contain the person’s unconscious and safely hold it in the “world” of the sand. Sandplay is aimed at helping a person bring the unconscious forward. Sometimes words get in the way and the focus of this style of treatment allows symbols to be used to express feelings and experiences that can be on an unconscious level. Creating a 3-d concept of something unconscious allows the person to experience those feelings in a more aware manner that is still controlled and safe. “The purpose of the symbolic process is to help the psyche mature and heal, to move the client through the individuation process in order to confront the necessary conflicts, connect with the deepest layers of the Self, and return to life transformed by this hero’s journey,” said Patricia Dunn-Fierstein of Sandplay Therapists of Amercia. Sandtray Therapy incorporates a range of theoretical models, which means it’s adaptable to people. Sandtray Therapy can include therapist directed activities or prompts. It can be collaborative with a client at the sandtray. Families can be incorporated into sandtray therapy sessions.    

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