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Recent Sealcoating at a Strip Mall in Lawrenceville, GA.  Why does sealcoating work?

For many years, asphalt professionals have been explaining the benefits of sealcoating. It is the most effective and economical procedure you can add to your preventive maintenance program. Exactly how much you can save depends on factors such as the pavement’s use, size and location. However, to give you some idea of how significant the savings can be, assume that you have a parking lot of average size that you maintain properly. Over a 15-year period, you could easily save more than $100,000.

Why Your Asphalt Pavement Needs Protection

From the moment your asphalt pavement is installed, it is subject to attack. Vehicles making sharp turns and sudden stops can mar or damage your pavement. UV rays start drying out the asphalt, leading to crumbly pavement that deteriorates early. Automotive fluids attack the asphalt, making it too soft to support traffic. Water that manages to reach your pavement’s supporting foundation can cause erosion that deprives the pavement of the strength it needs to remain resilient. The sun strips the color from your pavement, fading it to a much less-attractive shade of gray. Careless snowplow drives can scrape the pavement with the blade, leaving unsightly marks and perhaps causing more serious damage.

How Sealcoating Helps

Sealcoating forms a hard shell over your pavement. This increases resistance to tire damage, blocks UV rays to protect against drying and fading, increases the pavement’s ability to remain waterproof and offers better resistance to stains or tire marks. Sealcoating also provides a barrier against automotive fluids, deicing agents and other chemicals so that you have time to clean leaks and spills before your pavement suffers.

Important Points to Remember

Sealcoating is not a one-time procedure. You will need to have it reapplied periodically; frequency depends on the specifics related to your pavement, but every two or three years is the average interval. Sealcoating is not a substitute for crack filling. Although sealants can smooth out minor “dings” in the pavement, cracks or other breaks will need to be repaired prior to sealcoating. Sealcoating should be applied when the temperature is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is a good idea to schedule sealcoating services from late spring to early fall.

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